Week two was quite the improvement over week one. However it didn’t go exactly to plan. (Does it ever??) Originally I was planning on time blocking and getting up at 5am. Neither of those really happened. I would still like to get in the habit of getting up earlier so I can add in some other self care routines, exercise, an hour of quiet, etc. The time blocking sort of worked? I made sure to get started at the same time each day and to set certain amounts of time I spent on each project. This served two purposes.

  1. I’m able to start tracking how long certain tasks will take me so I can handle my pricing more efficiently. As well as my time.
  2. When I set a timeframe to work in it allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to make sure I was using my time efficiently and wasn’t jumping from task to task. So kind of like time blocking.

The tech shut down at 9pm was tough but I managed it a couple of nights. At the latest it was 10pm. I also put in a 4pm cut off time for answering emails. My ultimate goal is to manage all of my work within the 9-4 time frame. Not answering emails “after hours” is probably the easiest one to accomplish and I was surprised to find myself not struggling with this at all. Even when I saw emails come across (nope didn’t get rid of all the notifications yet) I didn’t answer them. I also was kind of able to test out a new weekly schedule that looks like this:

  • Monday–Get myself organized for the week. Including listing out tasks by priority. Manage any in house issues that need to be cleaned up.
  • Tuesday and Thursday–No phone calls at all. These days are 100% client work. I also get started a little earlier since Davie is at the sitter’s.
  • Wednesday–Is a floating day. If I need to sit down and get client work handled then that’s where my focus is. But I’ve also planning on making this my town errands day. We live 30 minutes outside of town which means any errand takes 1.5-2 hours and that’s right in, right out of whatever one store you have to get to. Setting my week up this way allows me to run any errands I need in one day instead of wasting time with multiple trips to town throughout the week.
  • Friday–Wrap up any client work and then 100% focus on whatever I need for my business. So this is my networking, collaborations, coffee chats, social media planning, etc.

I implemented the above schedule a bit this week and it worked really well. Without having the distractions on Tuesdays and Thursdays I can bust through the majority of my client work which allows me the flexibility of being more available to Davie’s needs the other days of the week, without feeling guilty or anxious about it. Which is the whole reason I’m doing this right?!? It also allowed me to clean house, do laundry, and cook more since I was more efficient with my time.

On the mom side it was a really good week. We went for a walk, hung out with my mom yesterday, and he is *this* close to crawling. Which means I’ll be entering a whole new world of balancing work and being at home. Figures right? I would get a good routine down and we would enter a new stage? 😉 I’m not complaining though, I’m loving being home with him as often as I am.

Until next week friends!!

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