Are you spending countless hours doing repetitive tasks in your business? Are you spending more time answering emails, sending contracts, and following up on invoices than you are shooting sessions? Are you spending time away from loved ones because you’re afraid you’ve missed something when setting up a new client today? Whether you’re facing all of those issues or just one of them this is why you need Dubsado in 2019.

Fits your branding

You have the opportunity to create beautifully branded forms to take your client experience to the next level. From the moment your potential client fills out your lead capture form until they’re signing your proposal and logging into their client portal it’s going to feel like your brand. 

Workflows for every service

Dubsado lead capture forms allow you to create a drop down of each service you offer and then attach a workflow specific to that service. Why is this important? If you’re a photographer and offer newborn packages and wedding packages your wording, pricing information, and photos are going to be different. This allows you to tailor the experience to fit your client’s needs.

Client portal

Each client has their own portal where they can review invoices, forms, and contracts they’ve filled out or signed. No more going back and forth with your clients resending forms, them asking questions, etc. They have access to everything involved with their project at their finger tips. Plus you can add items to their portal directly. They need a print release? Add to the portal. You need another questionnaire answered? Add to their portal. The possibilities are endless.


There are so many pieces you can automate when using Dubsado. How many times do you have to manually send a contract and invoice to new clients each week? I know that I send roughly 8 a week on one of my client’s businesses. What if all you had to do was click a button and the rest was done for you?

Sounds too good to be true right? When you set-up your workflows in Dubsado you can say buh-bye to manually sending contracts, questionnaires, feedback forms, testimonial requests, and more. This will save you so much time when running your business. Time better spent marketing, shooting a session, editing, or spending time with your loved ones.

Have you signed up yet?

Dubsado holds the key to all of your client relationship management needs! If you’re ready to sign up then head on over to this link to save a little bit.

(It is an affiliate link, which means at no extra cost to you, I may benefit)

If you’ve signed up for Dubsado or you get into it and you’re like “Jenn, what in the blue blazes have you talked me into?!? I can’t figure this out!!” Then guess what? I have a solution for that too! Click here to reach out to set-up a free 30 minute consultation call. Don’t want to hassle with setting it up? Dubsado set-ups are a service I offer. You can click here to get more info about the process.

I hope 2019 is all you hope it will be and that your business grows in ways you couldn’t have imagined!

XOXO, Jenn

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