Why not a virtual assistant?? Ok, obviously that’s not a valid reason but in this post I’m going to break it down for you as to why your business needs a virtual assistant and how that investment in your business can start making you money and giving you back time. The first thing you have to do when considering a virtual assistant is change your mindset about VAs. I think some people get hung up on the expense, which is easy to do and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but once you know your business can benefit from some help you’re already behind the 8 ball.

That’s right ladies! I said it. If you know your business needs some help you’re already behind the 8 ball. Why? Because you’re feeling:

overwhelmed and stressed out, knowing you need help, and not knowing how to get it.

If you’re already freaking out about how you’re going to manage #allthethings then the thought of trying to find a virtual assistant that you click with, fits your needs, and can be taught on the fly can become crushing. I see it in groups all the time. Someone posts looking for a virtual assistant and receives 40, 50, 100, 200+ replies!! That would overwhelm anyone. If you’re anything like me then you shut down. You can’t answer everyone, how are you going to pick the right person, how are you ever going to interview that many people, how do you know it’s the right fit, and on and on…then no reply. The post goes completely silent. No comments or replies from the OP. So my solution:

Hire before you think your business is ready. That can be a scary proposition I know, I’ve been there, but just getting one task off your plate can do wonders for your mental health and therefore, your business. If you’re functioning better then your business and your life is getting the best version of you, which is what your clients and your family deserve.

Hiring a VA is a business investment. We cannot do it all and we are not the best at everything. Hire where you are weakest or where you don’t enjoy spending time. Whether that is managing your email, scheduling the never ending social media posts, SEOing (yep just made that up) your website or blog, creating social media graphics for your posts or groups, writing the copy for your email campaign, pitching you to podcasts or collaborators, y’all. This list is endless. There is a VA for everything when it comes to running your business.

You have a back-up in case of emergency, pregnancy, sickness, or vacation. As entrepreneurs we wear all the hats for our business which is amazing but can be pretty terrifying if something happens in our lives that makes it difficult to get our work done. Our business cannot live without us! Or can they? When you have a virtual assistant or team that knows the ins and outs of your business then your business will continue while you can take time to manage the emergency, heal, bond with your baby, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to a business owner who couldn’t tell you the last time they were off during their vacation (guilty!) but if you have someone who can manage the day to day then you can rest a little easier while you’re at the beach and with your family.

You have another perspective and set of eyes. One thing I have learned as my business grows is that my opinion matters to my clients. If I can offer a solution to a problem that my client has then that’s all the better for them and for their business. For example I have a client who needed a way for her clients to know when galleries would be available so we are creating a public Trello board where they will be able to see where she is in the process of editing and their approximate delivery date. This will save us the endless texts and messages we receive looking for updates. She hadn’t even known Trello existed let alone Zapier.




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